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This web page gives programs and other information for the paper: 

Bilder, C. R. and Tebbs, J. M. (2005).  Empirical Bayesian estimation of the disease transmission probability in multiple-vector-transfer designs.  Biometrical Journal 47(4), 502-516.

These programs work for R 1.9.1.  To run in S-Plus, minor modifications must be made.  Note that they run much slower in S-Plus. 

  • RB_RE.R - Finds the relative bias and relative efficiency
  • swallow1985.txt - Values of p, n, and s in Table 1 of Swallow (1985)
  • Coverage.R - Calculates the coverage levels for equal-tail, HPD, and Wald intervals
  • Ornaghi.R - Calculates the estimates for the example from Ornaghi et al. (Maydica, 1999)

Full relative bias (absolute) and relative efficiency tables corresponding to Table 1 of Swallow (1985): Swallow_results.xls