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  • American Statistical Association
  • University of Nebraka-Lincoln Department of Statistics
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  • Mathematica's "The Integrator website"
  • More about statistics - web page that I use for graduate school recruiting trips
  • Statistics undergraduate minor information
  • Other statistics courses for undergraduates
    • Department of Statistics - list of all courses are available here
      • STAT 412 - Introduction to Experimental Design - A more thorough investigation of Chapters 13-15 material
      • STAT  414 - Introduction to Survey Sampling - Discusses what happens when a non-random sample is taken and applies these methods to estimating means and other statistics
      • STAT 450 - Introduction to Regression Analysis - Starts with Chapter 11 material and continues with a more thorough investigation of the material discussed in Chapter 12 with the use of matrix algebra
      • STAT 462 (Distribution Theory) and STAT 463 (Statistical Inference) - Chapters 1 - 11 are covered in a more mathematical way over two semesters; these courses give a good basis for understanding statistical theory
    • Outside of the Department of Statistics - Since the Department of Statistics was not formed until 2003 at UNL, there are many departments still offering their own statistics courses.  Here are some of them:
      • Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
        • IMSE 421 - Applied Statistics and Quality Control - I think this class uses our same book and continues in the book with Chapters 11 - 15 and Chapter 17; here is a syllabus from one instructor who teaches the course
        • IMSE 422 - Industrial Quality Control - A more thorough investigation of Chapter 17 material
      • Department of Actuarial Science - Actuaries use a lot of statistics!  All of their statistics courses require STAT 463 as a prerequisite
      • Department of Economics - The area of "econometrics" involves a lot of regression analysis; these types of courses also have a basic economics prerequisite (for example, ECON 417)
      • Department of Educational Psychology - They use a lot of statistical methods with respect to learning and teaching; EDPS 459 is similar to STAT 218 (so do not take it!); EDPS 470 (Introduction to Educational and Psychological
        Measurement) may be of interest as a second semester introductory statistics course









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