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bulletDavison and Hinkley's Bootstrap Methods and their Application website
bullet Bradley Efron
bullet2003 Issue of Statistical Science - Silver Anniversary of the Bootstrap
bulletOther bootstrap books
bullet Chernick, M. (2011).  Bootstrap Methods: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers.
bullet Efron, B. and Tibshirani, R. J. (1993). An Introduction to the Bootstrap. 
bullet Good, P. (2005).  Resampling Methods.
bullet Good, P. (2004).  Permutation, parametric and bootstrap tests of hypotheses.
bullet Good, P. (2005).  Introduction to Statistics Through Resampling Methods and R/S-PLUS.
bullet Hall, P. (1992, 1997) The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion.
bullet Lunneborg (2000).  Data Analysis by Resampling: Concepts and Applications.
bullet Shao, J and Tu, D. (1996).  The Jackknife and Bootstrap.
bulletR - Please see my links list under "Software" on my web page.
bulletSince asymptotics is used in BMA, here are some asymptotics course links
bulletDavid Hunter at Penn State - lecture notes are available; has used Ferguson (1996) and Lehmann (1999) to teach the course
bulletFerguson (1996).  A Course in Large Sample Theory.  Ferguson's website at UCLA:
bulletLehmann (1999).  Elements of Large-Sample Theory
bulletAdditional resources
bulletDuckworth and Stephenson (2003). RESAMPLING METHODS:
Not just for statisticians anymore.  ASA 2003 Proceedings of the Section on Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences.
bulletTim Hesterberg's chapter on the bootstrap in an introductory statistics book for non-statistics majors - boot_intro_pbs18.pdf



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