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bullet12-15-01: Final course grades are posted on the grades web page. 
bullet11-30-01: Project #5 is now due on Wednesday, December 5.  Monday, December 3 is a "lab" day.  
bullet11-28-01: The final exam is Friday, December 14 at 4:30-6:20PM.
bullet11-12-01: Project #5 is due Monday, December 3. 
bullet11-12-01: Test #3 is Wednesday, November 28. 
bullet10-17-01: Project #4 is due on Friday, November 2. 
bullet10-10-01: Test #2 is Friday, October 26. 
bullet9-23-01: Project #3 is available on the projects web page.  This project is due Friday, October 12.
bullet9-11-01: Dr. Goad will be teaching class on Friday, September 14.  Attendance is not required.  Dr. Goad will be available to answer any questions that you may have on Project #2. 
bullet9-10-01: Test #1 is Wednesday, September 26. 
bullet9-7-01: Project #2 is available on the projects web page.  This project is due on Wednesday, September 19. 
bullet8-31-01: I was just checking the message board and noticed that there were some messages which I did not receive an e-mail (from the message board) automatically notifying me of a new posting. Until I figure out what happened, note that you may not receive automatic e-mail notifications! This is the first time that I used this particular message board system so there may be still some "bugs" left in it.
bullet8-23-01: Project #1 grades are available on the grades web page
bullet8-16-01: Welcome to the STAT 4043 website!  Look for important class announcements here throughout the semester.  






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