Picture of Chris Bilder

Christopher R. Bilder, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Department of Statistics
340 Hardin Hall North, East Campus  
Lincoln, NE 68583-0963
Phone: (402) 472-2903
Website: www.chrisbilder.com
E-mail:  and

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Content from the 2019 course

Day #1: Office location, syllabus, syllabus supplement, listserv_help

Introduction to program: intro_1per.pdf, intro_4per.pdf, assignment

Career paths: CareerPaths1per.pdf, CareerPaths4per.pdf, CV_August2000-modified.pdf, ASA MS survey, assignment

Professional societies: ProfSocieties_1per.pdf, ProfSocieties_4per.pdf, assignment

Spring semester courses: SpringCourses20191per.pdf, SpringCourses20194per.pdf

Conferences: Conf_1per.pdf, Conf_4per.pdf, Bilder_2019_AmstatNews.pdf, MoreOnUseR1per.pdf, MoreOnUseR4per.pdf, assignment

Ethics: Ethics1per.pdf, Ethics4per.pdf (shows hyperlinks better at the end), assignment

Productivity tools:

Internships: internships1per.pdf, internships4per.pdf, CV_2ndyear1996.docx, CV_2ndYear1996-revised2016-v2.docx, CV_3rdyear1997.docx, CoverLetter2ndYearInternshipReceived.docx, CoverLetter2ndYearInternshipReceived-revised.docx, CoverLetter3rdYearInternshipReceived.docx, assignment

Accreditation: accreditation1per.pdf, accreditation4per.pdf

ASA MS survey: See p. 5 of August 2019 Amstat News

Next semester goals: NextSemesterGoals-1per.pdf, NextSemesterGoals-4per.pdf

Additional resources: The World of Statistics; Statistics and Science: A Report of the London Workshop on the Future of the Statistical Sciences; Past, Present, and Future of Statistical Science

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