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The links below contain SAS programs organized by chapter of Johnson (1998).  If you are using Internet Explorer or above, the programs are listed in a collapsible outline.  To expand the outline, click on the bullet to the left of the chapter's programs that you would like to see.  If "(none)" is listed after a chapter, no programs are currently available.  
bulletChapter 1
bullet cereal_data.sas - Read in the cereal data from an Excel file, find the mean vector and covariance matrix, and standardize the data
bullet graph_mult_normal.sas - Graph the bivariate normal distribution using a 3D surface plot and a contout plot
bulletChapter 2 
bullet cereal_ch2.sas - Find the correlation matrix for the cereal data
bullet placekick_ch2.sas - Find the correlation matrix for the placekicking data
bulletChapter 3
bullet cereal_ch3.sas - Examples for bubble plots, 3D scatter plots, 3D bubble plots, star plots, Andrews' plots, and Trellis histogram plots
bullet vnorm_ex.sas - Shows how to generate data from a multivariate normal distribution.  A bivariate normal distribution is given as an example, and bivariate density estimation is performed to verify the results match with
bulletChapter 4 
bullet bi_norm.sas - Examples of finding the trace, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors of a matrix; the bivariate normal distribution is graphed
bulletChapter 5
bullet cereal_ch5.sas - Perform PCA on the cereal data set
bullet goblet.sas - Perform PCA on the goblet data set
bulletChapter 6
bullet goblet_ch6.sas - Perform FA on the goblet data set
bulletChapter 7
bullet placekick_ch7.sas - Perform discriminant analysis to classify the placekicks as successes or failures
bullet wheat.sas - Perform discriminant analysis to classify the wheat kernels as Healthy, Sprout, or Scab
bulletChapter 8 
bullet placekick_ch8.sas - Find a logistic regression model for the placekicking data set
bulletChapter 9
bullet4_obs_kmean.sas - 4 observations demonstrating K-means clustering
bullet two_var.sas - Cluster analysis example using only two variables. 
bullet goblet_ch9.sas - Cluster analysis program for the goblet data
bulletgoblet_kmean.sas - Goblet data and K-means clustering
bulletChapter 10
bulletcpt_gen.sas - CPT data analysis
bullet section10_1_examples.sas - Reproduce Section 10.1 examples
bulletChapter 11
bullet cpt_ch11_gen.sas - Analysis of the CPT data set
bulletChapter 12
bullet ch12_prob3.sas - Problem #3 of Chapter 12 in Johnson (1998)








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