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These files were originally developed for Word 2000, but can be used for higher version of Word.  

How to create statistical characters and symbols in Word:
bulletequation_editor: Shows how to use the Equation Editor.  Some symbols and characters that can be created with the Equation Editor include:
, , , ,
bulletinstall_equation_editor.doc - Unfortunately, Equation Editor is no longer installed by default when installing Office.  This file shows how to install it (after Office had already been installed) using Windows XP and Office XP Professional. 
bulletinserting_symbols: Shows how some characters, such as: Greek letters,  ³, and £, can be inserted into a document by using Word’s "Insert Symbol" option instead of using the Equation Editor.
bulletsubscripts_and_superscripts: Shows how to insert subscripts and superscripts using the Format>Font method instead of using the Equation Editor.  The file also describes how to setup superscript and subscript shortcut keys. 







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