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Listed below are the assigned homework problems.  Although these homework problems will NOT be turned in for a grade, similar problems or these exact problems may appear on tests and projects.  You will be at a great disadvantage when taking tests and completing projects without doing these homework problems.  Partial answers are available for some homework problems. 

If you are using Internet Explorer, the homework is listed as a collapsible outline. To expand the outline, click on the bullet to the left of the chapter's homework that you would like to see.

bulletChapter 1
bullet7, 8, and 9
bulletPartial answers (Word file) - Some of the SAS procedures used in the answers have not been discussed in class yet.  These will be during the first few weeks of class.  You can at least now get a little experience with using them. 
bulletChapter 2
bulletClick here to download a Word file containing the homework questions.
bulletChapter 3
bulletNone, except make sure you can reproduce all of the plots discussed in class
bulletChapter 4
bullet1, 2
bulletPartial answers (Word file)
bulletChapter 5
bullet1, 6
bulletPartial answers (Word file)
bulletRead Watnik and Levine (2001) - Journal of Statistics Education paper
bulletChapter 6 
bullet4 (don't compare to answers in #3), appl.txt contains the data set in an ASCII text file
bulletPartial answers (Word file)
bulletChapter 7
bullet1, 2a-c, k nearest neighbor discriminant analysis examples in Johnson (1998)
bulletPartial answers (Word file)
bulletChapter 8 
bulletRead Bilder and Loughin (1998)
bulletRead Swets, Dawes, and Monahan (2000)
bulletChapter 9
bulletPerform a cluster analysis for the Goblet data - See goblet_ch9.sas and the example in the notes
bulletChapter 10
bullet2 (parts a, g, h only and test for a control-treatment main effect), 3 (part a only), 4, 5
bulletPartial answers (Word file)
bulletChapter 11
bulletProblems and partial answers (Word file)
bulletChapter 12
bulletRead example 12.2 in Johnson (1998)





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